About IronBrick

IronBrick’s Vision: To be the best at maximizing your platform technologies and delivering business results that transform.

Founded a decade ago, IronBrick sought to reduce the cost, risk and effort of managing information. We subsequently built deep expertise and intellectual property around how to design, architect, implement, scale and secure IT infrastructure solutions.

When it comes to cloud readiness, data protection, scalability and future-ready platform operations, IronBrick has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide innovative solutions that will stand the test of time.

IronBrick is best viewed as a specialized system integrator — dedicated to providing innovative solutions with an application and analytics focus.

Our innovative process transforms our government and commercial customers’ global IT platforms by solving their most important and complex data center challenges. Our demonstrated value is in our focus on our customers’ highest priorities: from data center to cloud and from security to big data & analytics.

If your organization is managing petabytes of information, IronBrick can transform your platform technologies—and your business.

“When we launched IronBrick, we saw the beginnings of a converged and virtualized data center. Today, with all the changes and advancements in our industry, we know we chose the right path. More than ever, customers need expert guidance to identify their present and future needs — and to incorporate these technology platforms together into an integrated solution.”

Kevin Murphy, Chief Executive Officer

“IronBrick’s customized platforms allow for efficiency across an enterprise as opposed to the continued use of siloed infrastructures. Plus, IronBrick recognizes that integrated solutions require the right mix of people — ours and yours — plus, leading technology and a proven process.”

Jeff Morrow, Co-Founder
Vice President of Sales-I.C. & Foreign Affairs

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