Discover & Assess

Our discovery and assessment process guides our customers through the complexity of transforming their data center. Our team of field-tested experts work with our customers to help them make practical and informed choices for their IT environments.

IronBrick’s workshops address the challenges and complexities of your IT environment. Our goal is to identify issues and align your technological footprint with your business strategies. IronBrick conducts custom workshops and presents documented deliverables and review findings, discusses recommendations, and collaboratively develops a roadmap of next steps.

Our team will generate a gap analysis and assessment report providing meaningful and actionable recommendations as well as a roadmap for future enhancements. These collaborative workshops serve as a platform for the sharing of ideas and the review of relevant use cases while revealing the findings, recommendations and next steps.

Whether it is to develop a plan to modernize your IT architecture or evaluate the risks, rewards and costs associated with adopting a cloud model, IronBrick can show you the benefits of developing a high-level plan to transform your environment.