IronBrick empowers you to build and shape your own career.
Our passion for providing the right solutions & services for our customers comes from you.

IronBrick employees — from our technical teams to our sales executives — share the belief that commitment to the company alone is not enough. We are expected to “do right” by our customers, the company and our co-workers. Living and working with integrity is a core value of IronBrick.

Our people come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique skill sets to the organization. However, they also share four characteristics that define our company and our corporate culture:

  • The passion to deliver the perfect solution to each individual customer.
  • A positive energy that will inspire both colleagues and customers.
  • An intelligence and insight that leads to bold and unique contributions.
  • The ability to execute as an individual and as a member of a team.

At IronBrick, we value our open-door policy. After all, an inspired idea can come from anyone, at any level of the organization. Our view of overall success includes a balance of pride in individual accomplishments, emphasis on team achievements with a respect for work/life balance.

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