IronBrick’s Market

Headquartered just outside Washington D.C., IronBrick provides innovative solutions that transform our government and commercial customers’ global IT platforms by solving their most important and complex data center challenges.

The solutions we deploy are focused on the many aspects of a data center — storage, servers, networks, clouds, cybersecurity, virtualization, data analytics and secure supply chain — all revolving around application data and advanced management functions such as backup, recovery, replication and compression.

Federal Government

IronBrick’s federal customers span across the defense, civilian and intelligence communities. We guide these agencies through the steps necessary to maximize their resources, meet mission-critical requirements, and deliver information securely and in real-time.

As they look toward the future, government IT professionals not only need to eliminate existing technical silos, but they must consider how technology will impact their ability to fulfil their mission and communicate their vision to their client: the U.S. citizen.


 IronBrick has proven abilities to address the customer needs in a dynamic commercial market, from the most complex platforms to the most business-critical infrastructures.

If your organization is managing petabytes of information, IronBrick can transform your IT environment.